UI/UX Design

With today’s picky users, it is crucial for businesses to deliver the best UI/UX design! We help you achieve that!

Your business website can make-or-break the first impression you have on your audience. Factors usually leading to a negative impact on users include – slow loading speeds, poor color schemes, dysfunctional buttons or links, poor graphics, lack of mobile-friendliness, poor formatting, poor-quality content, improper and insecure navigation, etc.

There are so many factors leading to website abandonment, but only a few good ones prompting users to get on and browse through! One of these positive factors is quality UI/UX design of a website!

Over the years, Schniken Solutions has been recognized as one of the best UX design agencies for businesses. We have transformed the user interface and user experience of countless websites and helped businesses achieve more traffic and thus, more lead conversions. If you are here to change the face of your business website and make it more user-friendly, our UI/UX design services can be the best solution for you!

Research and Plan

To understand exactly what your website should offer, we start by learning what your business is all about, who your target audience is, and what you are trying to offer. All this information helps us deliver the best of our user experience design services. After the research, we plan out the UI/UX design for your website and discuss it with you.


After approving the plans, we start creating the web design that suits your business idea, your target customers, your products or services, and has everything to attract your audience and beat the competition. As an efficient user interface design company, we use specialized methods and techniques, like the creation of information architecture and wireframing. We also create clickable prototypes of the UX design for your website. This also helps us with testing it.


Nothing leaves our workshops before we thoroughly run it through frequent tests. We make sure the design we deliver is completely functional, error-free, and matches the needs of your audience. This is why testing is a major part of our mobile UI design services. We make your designs glitch-free and make sure it is all set to be launched.


We study the response of your audience and constantly correct the UI design of your website to suit the requirements and activity of your target customers. As part of our user interface design services, we provide complete support and maintenance services to our clients. If your UI/UX design doesn’t work the way we planned, you can ask us for corrections and tweaks! We are always happy to help!

All services delivered by our team of experts are exclusive and up on the latest trends followed by users. We deliver nothing but the best of our user experience design services in New York and throughout the world.

Get in touch with us if you want to pick us as your user interface design company.