About Schniken Solutions

Trust our vision

The foundations for Schniken Solutions were set in motion nearly three decades ago!

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Dominick Coppola developed a love for computers while in elementary school. His first experiences in the world of computing began with the Commodore PET during a summer course on technology. That summer class was all it took, and Louis was hooked.

Through Louis and his team, Schniken Solutions has seen it all. They have been through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS dialups), Gopher, IRC, Telnet, Usenet, ASCII art, the development of the “Web” or web browser (Netscape/Mozilla), AOL, message boards, FTP sites, Search Engines, Paid Advertising/Marketing, E-mail, Spam, Y2K, all the way through to the crazy social network cloud. Schniken has watched the Internet emerge and evolve into the socio-economic force it is today.

With this rich understanding of the Web in its entirety, we can professionally develop a top-down, strategic plan for your internet technology needs in an ever-changing, global market.


Our customers say


I would like to take a minute to thank Schniken Solutions for all the support & help with launching our website. They walked us through every facet of our web site design, marketing, search optimization & also answered every possible question we put forward. We are quite pleased with the final result. Our sales have increased due to their expert advice and guidance. We especially appreciate your up to the minute updates on web resources to improve our sales.

Schniken Solutions provided me with a quick and easy website that provides my business customers with a menu that they can call and order from. They provided quick service, for an extremely reasonable price, and have helped me internally in my store from computers, to software, to accounting, and marketing. Schniken Solutions is pleasant to deal with and gets the job done right.

Lou and his team helped me with setting up a web presence for my chimney cleaning company. Lou is extremely easy to work with and is knowledgeable about technology in different areas across the board. He helped me with my internal business features such as online customer relationship management, email marketing, online phone systems, telemarketer system, and even the video monitoring system that I can view from any web browser. Truly a pleasure. I would recommend Schniken Solutions to anyone looking for a company with a knowledgeable staff that really cares about the success of their clients.

Schniken Solutions was able to build and train me how to manage my own online store. From the way that I manage my transactions, products, customer relations, to website and online marketing. They have been an integral piece of my business and I wouldn't be where I am without them.