We help you craft a business logo that catches the eye of your audience and tells the story behind your business!

We understand business and design, and this combination makes us the best logo design company of the region. Now, if you’re thinking about a logo some of the most iconic logos might have popped up in your mind. Take the case of Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, and Starbucks, and think what their logos do to your mind when you look at them first!

The answer is simple – they just tell you what brand the product or food belongs to! These huge brands have earned a good name in the market, and their logo is the first thing people look for to recognize their products and services! If you’re in business for a big run, never take your logo for granted.

A bunch of texts and symbols might do for a logo but if it lacks creative and design, it will just be a big black spot on your brand name! Schniken Solutions is a business logo design company and over the years, we have seen businesses using their logos to perfection.

A logo should tell the story of your business, it should creatively represent the name of your business, it should have the elements of the idea behind your business, and it should be aesthetic as well as recognizable! All this cannot be achieved without help from experts delivering custom logo design services. So, we’re here to help!

Knowing Your Business

We start by knowing your business and all the minute details it holds for us to deliver the best logo design! We do this by holding out a forthcoming discussion with the business owner, by going through the objectives of the business, by knowing more about the products and services of the business, etc. We also ask the business owners about their ideas for professional custom logo design. This knowledge helps us get the best logo design!


Based on our information about the business and your business ideas, we will create a logo design through brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas. We don’t take things fast when creativity is involved and let our creative heads work thoroughly through the design. We come up with a couple of designs to suit your requirements and then make you pick the best one. Our designs have always been unique, making us one of the top logo design companies.


If you are getting a logo developed after your website and social media accounts are out and about, we blend the logo with your online properties. This is done by adjusting the color scheme of the logo, adjusting the font, and look and feel of the logo. We make sure that our professional custom logo design matches with your website and other business graphics. It is after you are completely satisfied that we finalize the logo.

Putting the Logo to Use

Once you finalize the logo, we put it to use on your website, social media handles, graphics, and other official elements wherever your logo is required. If you also pick us for our winning marketing and branding services, we can make the best use of your business logo. Just choose us as your business logo design company and we will deliver the best services.

A logo is a very important part of a business and must be designed very carefully! If you’re looking for a professional business logo design company, get in touch with Schniken Solutions!

We deliver our expert creative design services throughout the world and exclusively in NYC! So, give us a call, today!