Facebook Marketing

Over 2 billion active users on Facebook! We help you find, seek, and convert your target audience.

A huge part of digital marketing happens through social media marketing, and a huge part of social media marketing happens through Facebook marketing! In the past few years, we’ve seen that Facebook is used more for business and marketing purposes than for personal networking. With business pages, groups, and the option of setting up a Facebook ads marketing campaign, it has become the best place for businesses to reach their audience effectively.

The reason behind such an escalated usage of Facebook for business marketing or advertising is because it is suitable for a wide range of businesses, and it comes with easy options to set up an ad campaign. Even though it is easy for a business owner to set up a Facebook business marketing campaign, there are certain areas where expert help is required.
If you are stuck in the middle of setting up an ad campaign on Facebook, or if you want to boost it with more leads and conversions, contact Schniken Solutions. We are an experienced Facebook advertising agency that has helped countless businesses and clients with their paid ads campaign, and we’ve helped them achieve the best results!

We guarantee desired results by setting a strong campaign and taking care of the small things that will make a big difference in your results!

Facebook Business Page Creation

The first thing we do for your Facebook marketing is creating a Facebook page for your business. For the past few years, Facebook has developed different algorithms for business pages and personal profiles. It supplies unique features and options for business pages, otherwise not seen in personal profiles. Bearing in mind the latest trends and features, we create business pages that help you reach your customers and run Facebook ads marketing campaigns with ease!

Facebook Social Media Management

Not only do we create your business page on Facebook, but we also manage it and control the flow of content, offers, and ads on it. We create content that is right for your business and audience, and post it on a regular basis. We also engage with your prospects through your Facebook business page. Also, as a part of our Facebook advertising services, we create content and offers for your ad campaigns and run them effectively.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

There is so much about advertising on Facebook that we, as a renowned Facebook marketing company know, which you might be totally unaware of! Some of these things include – types of ads, selection of different options, targeting the audience, running the ads for a limited time, setting a budget, and more! Though all these features are available on Facebook itself, you still need help from Facebook ads marketing professionals to prepare the campaign right! Otherwise, all your money, effort, and time may be wasted.

Facebook Reports and Analysis

After we manage your business page and run ads through paid campaigns on Facebook, we create analysis reports at the end of each month. These reports include in-depth insights on how your business page has grown, the audience you are attracting, how your ads are performing, how your posts are performing, and more! The creation of these reports, and altering our marketing efforts to match, are all included in our Facebook advertising services!

If you are looking for experts to handle your Facebook business page and to run Facebook ads efficiently, get in touch with Schniken Solutions. We house a team of Facebook experts that promise good traffic, quality leads, and increased conversions.

We deliver the best of our Facebook marketing services in New York and around the world!