Schniken Solutions Inc. was founded in 2006; however, the foundations have been nearly three
decades in the making!

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Dominick Coppola developed a love for computers while in elementary school. His first experiences in the world of computing began with the Commodore PET during a summer course on technology. That summer class was all it took, and Louis was hooked.

Through Louis and his team, Schniken Solutions has seen it all. They have been through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS dialups), Gopher, IRC, Telnet, Usenet, ASCII art, the development of the “Web” or web browser (Netscape/Mozilla), AOL, message boards, FTP sites, Search Engines, Paid Advertising/Marketing, E-mail, Spam, Y2K, all the way through to the crazy social network cloud. Schniken has watched the Internet emerge and evolve into the socio-economic force it is

With this rich understanding of the Web in its entirety, we can professionally develop a top-down, strategic plan for your internet technology needs in an ever-changing, global market.