IOS Development

Build your iOS app idea into a feature-rich reality with groundbreaking app development solutions!

Apple has garnered a sizable portion of the smart device market, and the number of Apple users grows every day. If you have plans for a mobile app, but don’t want to target iPhone users, you are making a mistake!

If you are avoiding iPhone users because you lack the budget for multi-platform app development, don’t worry! Schniken Solutions offers state-of-the-art, reasonable, and effective iOS app development services to our clients.

Over the years, we have studied Android and iOS device markets very closely! This is how we stay aware of the technological advancements, updates, and trends followed by users in these markets. Our experienced iOS app developers help by developing the best app for your business and targeting iOS users. Here is how we help your iOS app stand out!


Custom iOS App Development

Every business is different; promising something unique to its customers. There is no “one-size-fits-all” for mobile apps businesses use. At Schniken Solutions, our iPhone app development experts listen to your unique mobile app ideas and deliver them.

AI Integrated iOS Apps

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world and sweeping everyone off their feet! However, with games and apps using Artificial Intelligence (AI) regularly, people are expecting the technology to be there. If you want to serve your customers in a high-tech, creative manner, with an AI-integrated app, we are on it! Our iOS app developers excel in AI technology and are experts in implementing it with mobile app development.

Enterprise iOS Apps

Does your organization need in-house enterprise apps for internal workings? Our expertise in Swift helps us create avant-garde enterprise apps for iOS. We start developing these apps after gaining a clear understanding of your company’s work flow and how an enterprise app meets your needs. All these points are considered before we move on to our other iOS app development services.


Cross-platform App Development

Understand, if you don’t have the budget for two apps for your business – one for Android and another for iOS – we have the right solutions for you! We have a team of cross-platform, app development experts who build apps suitable for both platforms. If you choose us as your iOS app development agency, we will create your mobile business app for both Android and iOS, written with the same code.

To utilize the iOS app development services delivered by our experts, get in touch with us today! We deliver the best services in the New York area and throughout the world!