App Design

App Design

Turning software requirements into compelling application designs takes time most businesses can’t spare—and UI/UX expertise that can be hard to find. With Topcoder’s application design solutions

you can quickly transform your requirements into beautiful wireframes and app design concepts that let you visualize user experience and test interaction models. A dedicated project manager guides your project to success, and you pay only for outcomes, not hours.

We create apps that keep your audience hooked and coming back for more!

Mobile apps are winning the world over! With people engrossed in their mobile phones, it is easier to get their attention! This is possible with the inclusion of an engaging and feature-rich mobile app.
Be it for iOS or Android, mobile users are always on the hunt for a good mobile app to carry out a number of tasks. Ranging from playing games to tracking their water consumption, everyone is looking for a reliable, hassle-free, and enjoyable app. As a prominent Android app design company, Schniken Solutions keeps an eye on mobile usage trends throughout the world.
Our targeted market research helps us gain information about what is trending among mobile users, what they demand from mobile apps, and what kind of apps they prefer. Based on this information, we execute our best mobile app design plans and help businesses win more customers over with powerful apps.

Research and Discovery

The best thing about our app design process is that we don’t just follow ready-made templates for app designs; we discover designs! Our experts manage this through extensive research and knowledge of the market. As an iOS and Android app design company, we carry out research after learning your business model. We target your biggest rivals and competitors, then study the apps launched by them. Through research and your app ideas, we discover the best design for your mobile app!


Turning an app design idea into a concept is the most crucial step in laying the groundwork for actual development of the app. The experts at Schniken Solutions work hard to turn the chosen app design idea into an understandable concept. We also create clickable prototypes of the apps, which are used to test the final app and make corrections, if needed. As a professional iOS app design company, we create concepts that can actually be as successful as the final design!

Information Architecture

Once our experts start the work for app design and development, we speed up the process by creating quality information architecture. This process includes decision-making and finishing different elements of the app, including features, navigation, screens, buttons, animation, functions, and more! Our attention to minute details makes us the best app design and development company in the region.

UI/UX Design

While we create the perfect app design for your mobile app, we focus closely on its UI/UX design! Our experts make sure that no matter how many elements we add or remove from the app, the user interface and user experience of the app aren’t compromised. This way, we keep the functionality and performance of the app intact, while making the design remarkable. We deliver app design services that are promising and a sure fire way to get the best app for your business.

In the end, the app is developed and tested repeatedly before we launch it on app stores! As an efficient Android and iOS app design company, we ensure nothing but impressive results for your business, and we work continuously to deliver the best of our expertise!
Get in touch with us if you have an app idea that you want to discuss!