About Us


Schniken Solutions Inc was legally formed around three years ago, but Schniken has been providing solutions for much longer then that!


Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Dominick Coppola, started becoming interested in computers when he was in elementary school, and was introduced to some boxes named a PET and a Commodore. Ever since that summer class on “Technology” he was hooked.


We've been through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS dialups), through Gopher, IRC, Telnet, Usenet, ASCII art, the development of the “Web” or web browser (Netscape/Mozilla), AOL, message boards, FTP sites, Search Engines, Paid Advertising/Marketing, E-mail, Spam, Y2K all the way through (25 years from PET and Commodore) to the crazy social network cloud and everything in it and between it that we currently attach the name -- "The Internet".


Through this rich understanding of the entire “Web” we have the ability to really develop a top-down strategic plan for your technology needs in this new and ever-changing global economy.